Gelt closed another deal in 5 working deals, a rehab in Miami, collateral based no appraisal.

Jack: Hey, Marcy Berger, how are you? We’re making a YouTube. We haven’t made one in a while. We’ve been busy.
Marcy: Want to say hi to everyone. How are you?
Jack: Yup, yup, yup. So, rush closings. We’ve been closing a lot of rush deals. People need to close before Christmas, before New Year’s. We just closed another one. We’ll be closing a bunch. But we want to talk about this closing was in Miami. Miami deal. It was a rehab on a single-family property, total shell. Our deal was done and closed in five business days. No appraisal, no third-party reports. Collateral-based. Total collateral based. Guy’s buying property in Coral Gables.
Marcy: Coconut Grove. Coconut Grove, which is very up and trending. It’s right outside of downtown Miami. It’s a great location, a wonderful location.
Jack: We did a $300,000 deal, gave the guy money to fix up the property, and closed quick. Remember, like the video, like our YouTube channel. Did that deal come from a mortgage broker?
Marcy: Yes, it did.
Jack: Mortgage broker made some money on it, gave us a call. We closed the deal in five working days, less than a week.
Marcy: And again, like if you get to another lender and they drop the ball, those are the packages that come our way.
Jack: We get a lot of fallout from other lenders, and I always tell people, the other people talk the talk, we walk the walk. We get the deals closed. Check us out at, give us a call at 561-221-0900, check out ext. 103. Like the YouTube, like the YouTube channel, leave comments, we’ll get back to you. Thank you and have a wonderful day.”

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