Why Should You Sell Your Distressed Assets To Us?

We have been buying non-performing and distressed debt since 1989. Gelt Financial is a privately held non-bank, the non-regulated company that offers you tremendous flexibility.

  • We are direct buyers, not brokers, for our portfolio of Distressed Debt and Assets.
  • We provide quick answers, pricing, and funding. You’ll know quickly if we like the deal, and, when we do, we move fast.
  • Fast Closing

  • You deal directly with the owners.

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    What Type of Distressed Debt and Assets Do We Buy?

    • As direct buyers, not brokers, of sub and non-performing commercial debt/mortgages and distressed assets, Gelt Financial buys non-performing debt and assets in litigation, foreclosures, and bankruptcy.
    • We don’t shy away from environmentally impacted properties.