Gelt Financial Review By Sam


“One another note, I really appreciate all the hard work you put into this deal and I am looking forward to working with you one the next one” Mortgage Broker WB

“The best of the best with super responsive time!” RK Vendor

“I had the privilege of working with Jack and developing a superior brand image and strategy. Gelt Financial under the leadership of Jack Miller truly demonstrate the core values that make a company great, enduring and fun to work at. Better a financial organization that can be trusted by borrowers” JV Vendor

“Wire is in our account. Thanks for all your hard work!” Mortgage Broker AL


“Great Company, fast service, very efficient, excellent service. I will recommend it to anybody who is looking for a private loan. Awesome expirence with this company” Borrower GA

“You guys are awesome!” Mortgage Broker AL

“I want to express my sincere appreciation for everything. What you did for me and my family where it pertains to this house was a blessing. It has been in our family for over 50 years” AF- Borrower

“Marcy and Jack!! You guys rock Saw you on Facebook!! There they are I said, my two favorite people in this business! There Marcy and Jack! Love that video guys, you both look great!!!” Mortgage Broker PP

“Jack did a loan for me nearly 17 years ago when I had an outstanding deal but was way short on cash and new to the game. He took a chance on me on my 2nd deal and I’ve done approx 60 deals since. A great guy and lender!!” Borrower AD


“You guys are the best, so happy to find a lender that is not full of it” Mortgage Broker HJ

“Very impressive! Jack Miller is the perfect storm, this is a great result and exemplifies, amongst other reasons why I enjoy investing with you guys. Much appreciated” Investor SR

“Awesome you guys rock!!!” Mortgage broker CB

“So great full for your remarkably fast responses Jack” Investor AN

“I absolutely loved this video! I’m thankful I worked for you for so long” former team member AH

“Perfect Marcy you are always saving my day” Mortgage Broker CB

“Marcy thank you for all your hard work!!!” Mortgage Broker CB

“Wire hit, you guys are great thanks again” Mortgage broker EH

“Your bosses are obviously RE geniuses!” Investor SR

“Marcy…miss you too. I am forwarding to everyone here so they know what you can do!!! You were great to work with. I let a new loan officer here who is from Ventnor Margate AC area that you love to do business in AC !!!!! Thanks for everything” Mortgage Broker AB

“You have been an all-star thanks!” Mortgage Broker CB

“I just gave your information to one of my co-workers. I would love to work with you again and often” Mortgage Broker AB

Jack, “This is the sweetest thing I have ever read. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you taking time out of your day to send me this. Thank you so much, you have made my day!!
Have a good weekend and thanks again for your kindness!!!’ Vendor AZ

“Happy New Year to you and your family….hope 2015 is the best year for you personally and professionally. Thank you for the Christmas message you left on my voice mail….I was very touched by your kind words. Needless to say, you are the best person I ever worked for and with…..” Former team member CZ


“Jack is a genuine and attentive business person to deal with directly and for those he serves” Team member DH


“There are very few people I have met in my professional career that have the vision, energy and motivation that Jack possesses. He is a unique talent whose enthusiasm permeates every aspect of the organization. Working with Jack was a fantastic experience” Former team member BW


” what a gentleman to work with” Investor AM


” I had the privilege of working for Jack in the late ’90s, and the opportunity to work with a forward thinking mortgage lender. Jack brings a passion and spirit that’s unparalleled in the field, and core values that truly exemplify family, service, and dedication into every area of his businesses. My congratulations to Jack for continued success, and innovative financial servicing”  Former team member JV


“Jack is a focused, energetic owner/manager that never loses sight of the fact that he has people working for/with him. It was a pleasure working for him”  Team member RS


“Jack is an extremely hard working individual who focuses on the importance of networking, creativity in marketing and spending the extra effort to outperform the competition’  Vendor KF


I have known Jack for many years and our paths have crossed many times. Jack has always been a true professional and demonstrated his expertise in the lending and finance business time and time again. I appreciate his insight and creativity and view him a true mentor”  Banker BW


‘I have worked with Jack for approximately six months. He is very good to work with and is very goal oriented. Jack does what it takes to get a deal done. He is a true pleasure to work with” Vendor DC