Gelt Financial Review By Sam


“Jack, yes that would be great. By the way I can’t tell you how much of an inspiration your work ethic is” MN Investor


“Thank you so much Marcy me and my wife Barbara feel like apart of you guys family because we taking this personal we don’t look at this just from the business side GELT FINANCIAL is helping us financially so we can get back to working we love everyone that’s affiliated with GELT you guys are the best- I hope this can be a long term relationship I promise I will do everything that I suppose to do- to build that relationship we love you guys wonderful people with heart is hard to find these days good luck to you all over there@ GELT -THANKS AGAIN I can keep going but I will do that on the reviews-just great people it gets no better then that have a bless day today and I no you will because you bless so many.” HM Borrower


“Just wanted to comment that your Team is very efficient, prompt and professional. Both D and C have been very responsive and efficient. They both quickly Answered all my questions and comments. I must say I’m impressed and it’s obvious you run a very tight ship. Feel free to share with both of them.” NP Investor


“Thank you for the awesome service you and your staff provided to get this loan to the closing table.” RL Mortgage Broker

I look forward to doing continuous business with you in the future!


“Wonderfully smooth transaction despite the title company’s and insurance agent’s best efforts.  You were a refreshing partner in this transaction.  I definitely will leave a favorable review. I always send flowers to the client and processor after closing a transaction.  If I send flowers to Marcy at the address below, will she get them?  (Sorry Jack, no flowers for you….)” FSA Mortgage Broker


“I have been more inspired to work with Gelt Financial by listening to Jack, then I have from a paid course to work with the lender giving it” DW Mortgage Broker


“Mr Jack, I am truly grateful for all you have done  for me. THANKS A LOT AND GOD BLESS YOU. THANKS”  HK Borrower at payoff, loan was on 3 gas stations


“Thank you for your update on your activity.  I am always amazed with your performance since you can deal with the covid-19 crisis so easily and successfully. I greatly appreciate your efforts throughout this year.”  KH Investor


“Thank you Ms. Berger. You are a great asset to Gelt Financial and to my business as well. I thank you for all of your support as I look forward to working with you in the future, Respectfully, Mr. Bert”


“Throughout this, I have discovered that Gelt is a responsive and organized firm, with a robust process and nice people.” MC Mortgage Broker


” I have been doing business with Jack for well over 20 years. I highly recommend him to be honest and very professional” TS Investor and realtor


“What an impeccable job you’ve done. You really made my day. Thank you so much.” KA Investor


Quote from a recent payoff: “Will defiantly keep Gelt in mind. You guys helped me get out of my situation when no one else would lend to me- I wont soon forget that. I am pretty sure we will do business again”  FC Borrower


“I just had access to my account in your servicing system. The system is very easy to see and give me enough information clearly. I think its very effective for me. Thank you for your kind assistance.” YN Investor


“Working with Gelt Financial, LLC was effortless.  Everyone was friendly and courteous and getting the deal done was our main goal!  Our organization look forward to working with them on the next deal” KL Borrower


“Awesome company to do business with” ES Real Estate investor


“Gelt Financial is the best” ES Real Estate Investor


“Jack did a loan for me nearly 17 years ago when I had an outstanding deal but was way shorty on cash and new to the game. He took a chance on me and my 2nd deal and I’ve done approx 60 deals since. A Great guy and lender!!!” AD Real Estate investor


“One another note, I really appreciate all the hard work you put into this deal and I am looking forward to working with you one the next one” Mortgage Broker WB


“I had a great experience working with Marcy and Jack to procure a refinancing deal over $1 Million for a hotel property. They were always available 24/7 to answer questions. They helped me secure the deal when other banks were giving me the run a around.  I would highly recommend doing with with them” T. Agarin MD MBA

“The best of the best with super responsive time!” RK Vendor

“I had the privilege of working with Jack and developing a superior brand image and strategy. Gelt Financial under the leadership of Jack Miller truly demonstrate the core values that make a company great, enduring and fun to work at. Better a financial organization that can be trusted by borrowers” JV Vendor


“Great company, fast service, very efficient, excellent service. I will recommend it to anybody who is looking for a private loan. Awesome experience with this company” Fort lauderdale, Borrower

“Wire is in our account. Thanks for all your hard work!” Mortgage Broker AL


“Great Company, fast service, very efficient, excellent service. I will recommend it to anybody who is looking for a private loan. Awesome expirence with this company” Borrower GA

“You guys are awesome!” Mortgage Broker AL

“I want to express my sincere appreciation for everything. What you did for me and my family where it pertains to this house was a blessing. It has been in our family for over 50 years” AF- Borrower

“Marcy and Jack!! You guys rock Saw you on Facebook!! There they are I said, my two favorite people in this business! There Marcy and Jack! Love that video guys, you both look great!!!” Mortgage Broker PP

“Jack did a loan for me nearly 17 years ago when I had an outstanding deal but was way short on cash and new to the game. He took a chance on me on my 2nd deal and I’ve done approx 60 deals since. A great guy and lender!!” Borrower AD


“You guys are the best, so happy to find a lender that is not full of it” Mortgage Broker HJ

“Very impressive! Jack Miller is the perfect storm, this is a great result and exemplifies, amongst other reasons why I enjoy investing with you guys. Much appreciated” Investor SR

“Awesome you guys rock!!!” Mortgage broker CB

“So great full for your remarkably fast responses Jack” Investor AN

“I absolutel