Likes and Dislikes for Mortgage Brokers

Likes and Dislikes for Mortgage Brokers

Here are a few likes and dislikes for mortgage brokers



  1. Sorry we do not lend on land or development deals (its not that we dislike these its we don’t understand them and don’t have the expertise to evaluate them, so we stick to what we know)



  1. We like low loan to values deals.
  2. We understand credit problems including previous foreclosures and bankruptcy.
  3. We like cash flow and we want to see that our loan can be repaid.
  4. We like when a mortgage broker submits a deal, they do so with the financial statement of the borrower, credit report and summary. If it’s an income producing property, the income and expenses of the property. Its also best to send us everything at once
  5. We like value added deals.

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