Jack Miller Expert in Commercial Real EstateGelt Financial is pleased to have H. Jack Miller take part in the Crittenden National Real Estate Conference in Miami, FL on October 25 to 27rd, 2017.

Jack is very excited to be part of the conference and meet old friends, make new ones and speak about things that he deals with day in and day out. Some of the topics that will be covered will be utilizing bridge financing for not only distressed assets but for non-distressed assets as well, thinking of bridge lending as a tool in a toolbox, you need to know when and how to use it, taking advantage of using bridge financing for acting quickly in opportunistic situations and many more. The current state of the bridge loan lending market. A debtor in possession financing and the state of the non-bank commercial lending market, How to structure discount note payoff financing in a way that works for everyone. Jack Miller is a nationally known expert in commercial financing, using private financing in situations to either save a client money or make client money. He focuses on adding value to the needs of his clients, everything from Debtor in Possession financing, Value-added purchase, and Discount Note Purchases, as well as asset-based lending and recapitalization s of existing commercial real estate partnerships.

You can reach Jack Miller at 561-221-0900 ext. 238 of JackMiller@Geltfinancial.com