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Since 1989, Gelt Financial, LLC has led the way in hard money loans, non-bank commercial, and investor mortgages. We do loans that banks and others don’t. We are portfolio lenders. Deal direct with the decision-makers who can approve and close your loan fast. No committees. We are common sense, private mortgage lenders.

In its lifetime, Gelt has closed over 10,000 loans.

Hard Money Private Loan

  • Loan Size: $100K – $5MM (Minimum Property Value: $250k)
  • Rates: From 10.00%

  • Purpose: Purchase, Refinance, & Renovations, Bridge Loans, Investor Rehabs, Foreclosure Bailouts, Discount Note Purchase Financing, Debtor in Possession
  • Terms: Short term and Long term
  • Leverage: Up to 65% of Appraised Value (Up to 100% financing)

  • Points: 3 Points

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    We are sorry but we do not lend on land or provide construction lending.


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    • Foreign National Borrowers

    • Non-Recourse Financing

    • Complex Transactions

    • Refinance & Recapitalizations
    • Storied Loans

    • Debtor In Possession

    • Joint Ventures

    • Foreclosure/DPO

    • Acquisition

    • Rehab and Value Added Deals

    • No Income Verification and Light Documentation

    • No Seasoning Requirements

    • Discount Note Purchasing Financing

    • Note Financing

    • Subordinated Debt

    • Partnership Buyouts

    • Judgement Payoffs

    • Blanket Loans

    • Pref Equity/Mezzanine

    • Partnership Programs

    • No Minimum Credit Scores

    • 100% Gift Funds
    • No Look Back on Previous Bankruptcies and Foreclosures

    • Nationwide Lending

    Sorry, we don’t lend on land and we are not construction lenders.

    Let’s Talk About Hard Money Loans

    If you’re new to investments or loans, the term “hard money loan” is one you’ll need to learn when beginning. These private money loans are the way to go for many reasons. For example, does your financial situation put you in the right place for a hard cash loan or hard money loan? Hard loan lenders can prove to be the better route for many people in search of commercial, residential, mortgage, or private loan needs.

    What’s a Hard Money Loan?

    HARD MONEY LOANS by Gelt FinancialYou’ve heard this term thrown around and so as a borrower, you wonder if this could be a viable option for one of your investments. What’s the hard money loan definition? A hard money loan is in its truest definition, a short-term loan secured by real estate. There’s a key difference between hard loans and loans from traditional lenders. A hard money loan is instead backed by private investors. Hard money lenders issue short term loans. For borrowers looking to get investing quickly can use hard loans to do so. This grants the borrower money in a cash advance loan and an opportunity for an exit strategy. A hard loan is helpful if they are in the middle of selling and purchasing investment properties.

    Traditional Loans and Hard Money Loans: The Real Difference

    Conventional lenders will collect information on the borrower’s credit. This will include credit scores and credit reports. Traditional lenders want to conduct a thorough investigation on you to ensure your ability to pay off the loan. You might need a loan for a variety of different things, like a property, a business, a residence, a mortgage. Whatever the property type may be, choosing the traditional method to obtain a loan can be a tedious process. You might have blemishes on your credit reports, you rely on passive income, or have a low FICO score. These mistakes are even retained as credit reports keep information on file. The slightest hiccup can make going for a conventional loan or business loans from traditional lenders either impossible or too drawn out to be realistic.

    How Hard Money Financing Works

    Traditional lenders focus on your financial standing by analyzing your credit backgrounds. They seek out your credit score, only loaning to you if you are in good standing. What is the process behind hard loan lenders? Top hard money lenders actually do issue hard money personal loans on bad credit. There are also hard money lenders with no credit check. They do so by issuing short term loans secured by real estate. Borrowers looking at becoming investors, and in need of locking down a property fast could immensely benefit from a hard money lender.

    These hard money bankers, such as us at Gelt Financial, aren’t as concerned about getting their money back. It’s because hard money lenders use loans secured by real estate, using the property as collateral. Hard money lenders are concerned with the value of the collateral they’ve collected from you, and when or if necessary, will repossess and then sell the collateral in order to get their money back. A loan from a traditional lender is unrealistic if you’ve struggled with a scarred credit history of credit card debt and bad credit. This is true even over a short period of time. Traditional lenders won’t entertain the application for property loans on your behalf.

    As hard money lenders, we have dramatically different, client-friendly loan requirements! We pride ourselves on attractive rates and top tier loan values that allow our clients the ability to start investing…right away.


    Gelt Financial is here to help you with your money lending needs.


    How Long Do Hard Money Loans Last?

    no credit - hard money loansYou may have a hard money personal loan, a commercial hard money loan, a hard money loans for primary residence, a hard money real estate loan, or hard money business loans. The typical time span for such loans usually last around 12 months, but the term can extend to 2-5 years. Hard money loan monthly payments must be made. Payments are sometimes of only interest.  Or in some cases, payments are interest and some principal, accompanied with a balloon payment required at the end of the term.  

    Flexible terms with hard money lenders has advantages. Investment property loans, commercial loans, or residential real estate loans can all benefit.  You can build your cash reserves, focus on home equity and equity in the property. Whatever the rehab costs need to be addressed to increase the value of the property can be executed with hard loans.  Short term hard money loans allow for a real estate investor, like you, to not worry so much as to how you’ll repay the loan. You’ll focus on how you’ll sell your property at a lucrative purchase price.  This allows you the full benefits of hard money lending.

    Hard Money vs. Soft Money

    You know the terminology of hard money and hard money loans, but have you heard the phrase “soft money”?  What does soft money mean and how does it compare in terms of the pros and cons?

    Soft money lenders follow a more conventional loan structure as opposed to hard money lenders. Traditional lenders and big-name financial institutions offer soft money loans. The process is similar to those of traditional lenders like banks and credit unions.  To obtain this form of a loan, you also must be in good credit standing. You’ll be subject to a credit score review and must provide proof of income, as well as your credit reports.

    The application process is usually what determines a person’s decision in hard money or soft money loan, but it’s also the interest rates. With a soft money loan, you will see lower interest rates in comparison, but again, it depends on what the loan is being used for. If a short-term loan sounds like it will fit your needs, then a hard money loan is for you. You’ll also be able to close the deal fast and without the red tape.

    Hard Money Real Estate and Hard Money Bridge Loans

    Bridge loans and hard money loans are sometimes synonymous in financing terminology. This is because the loan is based in short-term lending—bridging the gap to fulfill project and investment needs. Hard money real estate loans are lucrative because it saves you from parting ways with a hefty amount of cash up front. This is good news if you are in the business of house flipping. With hard money loans, you’ll be able to focus on other essentials. Now, retirement planning, another rental property, a residential property, or commercial property won’t have to take a back seat in your finances. If you need to close a deal fast, and are always on the move in seeking out prime real estate, then a hard money bridge loan can be the best avenue for you. If you’re a novice real estate entrepreneur, a fix and flip investment property is a popular way of getting started in real estate investing. With Gelt’s hard money loans for real estate, a line of credit for fix and flip loans is easily achievable. For home builders, a hard money loan can be the most appropriate method. Especially if they are veterans in the business of property development and can turn a profit on their real estate in a short-term period.


    Flexibility With Hard Money Investors

    Gelt Financial as your hard money loan lenders is more flexible than large banking institutions. Traditional lenders insist upon making loans a by-the-book process with no accommodations. Our private money lenders can tailor a hard money loan to meet your financial situation, as unique as it is. When you develop your relationship with your hard money loan lenders, you can refinance hard money loans.  You can also reformat your hard money loan monthly payments. This flexibility is something in which banks and credit unions simply cannot offer.  This makes hard loans the most desirable option for many people.

    Top Five FAQ About Hard Money and Hard Money Loans

    How Fast Can I Get a Hard Money Loan?

    There’s no set answer to this question other than “it depends.” There are different private hard money lenders who conduct their firms differently.  It depends on their processes in issuing hard money loans to new clients in terms of a time frame. Gelt Financial as a top hard money lender is extremely efficient in issuing loans and can do so in a matter of two weeks, if not quicker than that.

    If you have a previously established relationship with Gelt Financial as your hard loan lender, we can speed up the process even more. It could be within days you have access to your hard money.  At other agencies, AI programs are sometimes utilized to calculate loans, such as Delancey Streets.  But at Gelt, you’ll work with real people, with real experience.

    What Can I Use a Hard Money Loan For?

    Hard money loans allow for quickly borrowed capital, secured by real estate, and funded by a private money loan.  With hard loans, you can pay for a home, your mortgage, a business expense, real estate investments, home renovations, and a host of other investment and financial needs:

    • Flip Loans
    • Hard Money Real Estate Loans
    • Residential hard money loans
    • Business loans
    • Commercial hard money loans
    • Commercial real estate loans
    •  Asset-based loans
    • Private real estate loans
    • Hard money mortgage loans

    For as many ways hard money loans can be applied, there are lenders to issue them. There are hard money lenders for business loans, construction loans, a type of commercial loan, private money lenders for residential, owner-occupied situations, private investors for real estate loans, and even no money down hard money lenders—the list goes on. For every financial need and situation, there’s a hard loan lender and hard money broker waiting to fulfill the need.

    House flippers, people looking to turn around a piece of real estate quickly and efficiently, opt for hard money loans. They also use the advantage of hard loans to close the deal on a property fast, beating the competition. There are many hard lenders for real estate because the loan style is popular for property development. Investors can build a home and sell it for a profit within a short time period. Hard money personal loans are popular for financing a renovation or repair to a home.  They can also quickly pay for an unexpected cost in which a loan cannot be sought out in the traditional sense. These short term loans allow people with bad credit to take on business loans, construction loans, and begin real estate investing regardless of their credit history.

    How is a Hard Money Loan Different?

    A hard money loan, or private money loan, is different from a traditional loan because the private money lender does not require a credit check. Unlike a conventional loan, hard money personal loans are not processed through a financial institution like a bank. Instead, hard loans go through a private money lender. Hard lenders and hard money bankers use real estate to secure the loan as collateral.  And dissimilar to conventional mortgages derived from traditional lenders, hard money loans are secured by real estate.  They’re set in place by loan to value ratios (LTV ratios) at capital rates. Private lenders skirt around things like bad credit during the application process to allow for these short term loans.


    Why Go For a Hard Money Loan?

    There is a multitude of reasons to pursue a hard money loan instead of hard money loans - Gelt Financial opting for a loan through a bank or credit union. The advantages to a hard cash loan or private money loan are that you won’t be jumping through hoops to obtain it. Any kind of hard money loan—a commercial hard money loan, a residential hard money loan, a direct hard money loan, hard money construction loans, or any hard money bridge loan—is fast, much speedier than going through the traditional by-the-bank process. With a hard money loan, you’ll be set to invest in a matter of a few weeks for your first one. After establishing a relationship with your hard money lender, verifying your banking and income information, you’ll be set to go. Unlike a traditional loan, there’s no need to be meticulous about the process.

    Another prevailing reason behind hard money loans is that there doesn’t have to be a credit check. That’s why you’ll often see private hard money lenders advertise things like “no doc hard money loans” or “ hard money loans, bad credit” because these loans are for those who have struggled with obtaining a sterling credit score, or whose credit reports have been tainted in the past.

    Can I Get a Hard Money Loan With Bad Credit?

    Yes! One of the leading benefits for a hard money loan is no credit check. Hard money lenders personal loans with Gelt Financial often do not require any credit documentation in concern with your financial standing. If you’re climbing out of a rough situation, even from years ago, the negatives will follow you around on your credit report for ten years, making it extraordinarily difficult to obtain a loan in the traditional sense. National private money lenders, hard money loan lenders, or asset-based real estate private lenders move around the process of credit-checking or requesting credit reports, which is why a hard money loan is often the best option for people struggling with poor or even mediocre credit scores. Contact Gelt Financial today to assist you with a hard money loan!


    Gelt Financial is here to help you with
    your Commercial Mortgage needs.