Private Lender- Non-Bank Mortgages

  • Loan Amounts: $100,000 and Higher

  • 1st Mortgages

  • (LTV) Loan-To-Value Ratio up to 100% With Cross-collateral

  • Interest-Only Loans With Terms Up To 5 Years

  • Rates as Low as 9.99%

  • Points: Starting at 1%

  • Prepayment: Product Specific

  • Purpose: Purchase, Refinance and Cash-Out Refinance

  • Locations: Major MSA’s

  • Property Type: Multi-Family, Mobile Home Park, Student Housing,
    Hospitality, Mixed Use, Commercial Lending, Single Family Dwelling

  • Fast Approvals and Closings

  • Customize Terms to Meet Borrowers Needs (We Can Be Flexible)

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We are sorry but we do not lend on land or provide construction lending. Also, we have a minimum loan amount of $100,000.

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    Gelt Trust Seals

    Types of benefits, services, and loans we offer

    • Foreign National Borrowers

    • Non-Recourse Financing

    • Complex Transactions

    • Purchase

    • Refinance

    • Storied Loans Bridge Financing

    • Debtor In Possession

    • Joint Ventures

    • Equity/Mezz

    • Foreclosure/DPO

    • Partnership Buyouts

    • Subordinated Debt

    • Acquisition

    • Judgement Payoffs

    • Note Financing

    • Recapitalization

    • Rehab and Value Added Deals

    • No Income Verification and Light Documentation

    • Blanket Loans

    • Foreign Nationals

    • Non Recourse Programs

    • Commercial Second Mortgages

    • No Seasoning Programs

    • Discount Note Purchasing Financing

    • Joint Ventures

    • Mezzanine

    • Preferred Equity and Partnership Programs

    • No Minimum Credit Scores

    • 100% Gift Funds

    • No Look Back on Previous Bankruptcies and Foreclosures

    Sorry, we don’t lend on land and we are not construction lenders.


    Gelt Financial uses its vast experience and streamlined process to provide its clients
    with competitive commercial financing while ensuring a smooth closing.

    What makes Gelt Financial different

    Gelt Financial is prepared to guide you through the treacherous pitfalls of commercial financing. With former banking executives leading the team, Gelt is uniquely qualified to secure the financing you need.

    • Competitive Rates, Flexible Terms, and Quick Closings
    • Common Sense and Fair Underwriting
    • Loan Programs For All Financing Situations
    • Over 25 Years In Business

    Gelt does not shy away from complicated and difficult financing situations. With Gelt being in business for the past 25 years, we are eager and confident to tackle any obstacle that comes our way.

    Gelt’s goal is to secure a competitive rate and flexible term financing for every single client. We strive to exceed all expectations by working hard, communicating effectively, and providing a quick closing.

    What clients say about Gelt Financial

    Gelt Financial is proud of the long lasting relationships it has formed with its clients over the past 25 years in business.
    Below are just a couple of testimonials from some of our loyal clients.

    “I have been doing business with Gelt Financial for several years. In that time together we have closed some of the most difficult deals I’ve ever encountered. Exception after exception, Gelt is quick, effective and genuine in their efforts.”
    -T. White

    “I have had only the best working relationship with Gelt. You have a great team who knows how to work with the small investor and knows what it takes to make the deals work. I like their conservative and meticulous approach as well as their ability to assist in all facets of a transaction.” -Greg M.

    Our approach

    Gelt Financial understands that everyone is in a unique situation that requires a unique solution. We pride ourselves on thinking outside of the box to secure even the most difficult financing. Below are just some of the many benefits we offer.