Brooklyn, New York Cash out Refinance, No Income verification, Out of country borrower, partial recourse

Cash out Refinance, No Income verification, Out of country borrower, partial recourse, Property had city violations on it that need to be corrected.  They tried their bank and when their bank said no, we said yes and closed the mortgage. Gelt Financial, is a private portfolio lender and we work with borrowers who have unique

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Refinance Gas Station, Pleasantville, New Jersey

Gelt Financial just refinanced an operating Gas station and C store in Pleasantville, New Jersey. When the owner of this property found himself on the receiving end of a default notice from his bank, after going to numerous other banks and lenders Gelt refinanced the mortgage and took the risk away of his existing bank

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Commercial Mortgage Closed in Pittsburgh, Pa $3,875,000.00 Bridge loan

We are happy to close a commercial mortgage loan for an experienced real estate investor in Pittsburgh, Pa on a blanket mortgage of 3 properties, 2 retail centers and 1 office building providing him the financing he needed when his bank said NO under our Bridge loan product for $3,875,000.00. We were also thrilled to

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Dr. George Selgin, Director of monetary policy at CATO Institute with Jack Miller 10-3-18

Jack Miller, President of Gelt Financial, LLC talks to Professor George Selgin, Director of the Cato Institute's Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives. Author and world known economics expect joins us to discuss the great recession, the governments actions,and how those actions worked or did not work, to big to fail, the government take over

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Closing First Mortgage Mixed Use Orange, New Jersey

We are excited to once again step in and help those who banks won’t. In this case, it was owners of a mixed-use property in New Jersey which we provided a first mortgage on. They occupied the first floor for their business and leased out 2 units on the second floor. We paid off very

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H. Jack Miller, was speaking about specially financing at Crittenden Financing Conference in Miami, Fl September of 2018

Jack attended the Crittenden Financing Conference in Miami, Fl September of 2018 and was there meeting with industry leaders, people speaking about the latest trends, challenges and opportunities with his peers. They exchanged ideas on ways to help and solve the needs of commercial real estate investors and business owners, Force new alliance and partnerships. Jack,

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