Multi Family

No Income Qualification Refinance of 31 condominium units Palm Bay, Florida

We are pleased to close a no income qualification first mortgage on these non-owner occupied condominium that the owner has purchased at discounted prices over time. The owner had worked very hard to accumulate these, but is credit score was

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Rehab Refinance investment property in Baltimore Maryland

Rehab Refinance investment property in Baltimore Maryland, several investors owned the property and ran short of capital to fix up the property and complete the job, Gelt financial we provided them with the funds to complete the rehabilitation project. Gelt

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Blanket Mortgage Closed in South Carolina No Income Verification

Gelt closed a first mortgage for an investor with the purchase of 6 condominiums all located in the same community. Instead of buying each unit individually we were able to help this borrower with a no income verification blanket loan

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Closed Bridge Mortgage on Multi Family

Closed $3,050,000.00 Bridge financing for a 28 unit apartment in Detroit. The sponsor will use the funds for additional investments as he continues to improve operations. The apartment building represents continued economic growth in the downtown area. When your bank

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