Why Non-Bank Commercial Lenders Are in Such Hot Demand

There’s something about non-bank commercial lenders that’s got everyone jumping for joy in the financial world, but what gives—why are these lenders in such hot demand🔥 as opposed to traditional lenders? It seems like new sports facilities, energy projects, entertainment

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Rehab Refinance Investment Property in Baltimore Maryland

Rehab Refinance investment property in Baltimore Maryland, several investors owned the property and ran short of capital to fix up the property and complete the job. Gelt Financial, provided them with the funds to complete the rehabilitation project. Gelt has

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Commercial Mortgage Closed in Pittsburgh, Pa $3,875,000.00 Bridge loan

We are happy to close a commercial mortgage loan for an experienced real estate investor in Pittsburgh, Pa on a blanket mortgage of 3 properties, 2 retail centers and 1 office building providing him the financing he needed when his

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Closed First Mortgage Atlantic City, New Jersey, Mixed use, No income Verification Mortgage

A closed first mortgage in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Mixed-use, no income verification mortgage. Self-employed business owner. When your bank says No, we say Yes. Contact us on 561-221-0900 or  www.Geltfinancial.com    We are fast and flexible, deal directly with

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