Should you buy a house during a recession? Jack Miller lends his expertise to Bankrate

Should you buy a house during a recession? Written by AJ Dellinger, Bankrate As inflation grows and gross domestic product declines, many fear that the country is headed toward a recession. In response to these conditions, the Federal Reserve has

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Reasons To Deal With Gelt Financial, LLC For Your Commercial Mortgage

Some Reasons To Deal with Gelt Financial For Your Commercial or Real Estate Investment Mortgage We have a long history and were founded on February 1, 1989 Experience: We have closed over 10,000 mortgages The consistent and same management

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Closed Commercial First Mortgage Non Income Verification/Qualification

Chicago suburbs, the mixed-use property being purchased by an attorney at a discount price. We provided the first mortgage under our no income qualification program. Gelt Financial, is a private portfolio lender and we work with borrowers who have unique

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