Blanket Mortgage Closed in South Carolina No Income Verification

Gelt closed a first mortgage for an investor with the purchase of 6 condominiums all located in the same community. Instead of buying each unit individually we were able to help this borrower with a no income verification blanket loan on all 6 properties. With a 25% down payment he was able to add these South

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Philadelphia Closed Mortgage- Investor Rehab

First mortgage closed in Philadelphia on a mixed us property that the owner had purchased and needed to be fixed up. The Investor saw potential value, came to us and we lent her the funds she needs to fix up the property and lease it out. We are fast and flexible, deal directly with the

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Cash out No Income Verification Mortgage on Investment Property

Gelt Financial, LLC is pleased to announce that it has closed another mortgage under its no income verification investment property mortgage program, this was a cash out refinance on an investment property. Under this streamlined program there are no income verification's and no tax returns required. The borrower used the cash from this refinance to

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QuickLiquidity Creates Fund to Solve Liquidity Issue for Real Estate Crowdfunding & Partnership Investors

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 14, 2015 - With widespread criticism citing the demand for greater liquidity for minority interest owners in real estate partnerships and real estate crowdfunding positions, QuickLiquidity is leading the charge by launching the world's first fund dedicated to purchasing minority interest positions in commercial real estate partnerships. This would provide the

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How do Investors receive Quick Liquidity for real estate partnerships minority equity interests?

How do Investors receive Quick Liquidity for real estate partnerships minority equity interests?   One common investment strategy in commercial real estate is to bring multiple real estate investors together to pool their capital in order to purchase a property that individually they could not afford. This provides investors with limited capital greater leverage by

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CMBS Mortgages – We are now offering them Nationwide.

Gelt Financial Corporation, in business since 1989, is pleased to announce its nationwide strategic partnerships to bring its clients CMBS mortgages. This service focuses on loan amounts from $5,000,000 to $200,000,000 million. It provides up to 80% LTV with non-recourse and 30 year amortizations. This product will allow our continuously growing customer base to receive

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