Auto Body Shop in St Louis, Missouri, No Income Qualification

Auto Body Shop in St Louis, Missouri, No income qualification with credit challenges for a 3-year term. Our No Income Qualification Refinance Options We are fast and flexible, deal directly with the decision makers. Gelt Financial offers private financing to

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No Income Qualification Refinance of 31 Condominium Units Palm Bay, Florida

We are pleased to close a no income qualification refinance of the first mortgage on this non-owner occupied condominium that the owner has purchased at discounted prices over time. The owner had worked very hard to accumulate these, but his

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Rehab Refinance investment property in Baltimore Maryland

Rehab Refinance investment property in Baltimore Maryland, several investors owned the property and ran short of capital to fix up the property and complete the job, Gelt financial we provided them with the funds to complete the rehabilitation project. Gelt

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Commercial Mortgage Closed in Pittsburgh, Pa $3,875,000.00 Bridge loan

We are happy to close a commercial mortgage loan for an experienced real estate investor in Pittsburgh, Pa on a blanket mortgage of 3 properties, 2 retail centers and 1 office building providing him the financing he needed when his

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