Se Haba Espanol

Gelt Financial, LLC a non-bank commercial portfolio mortgage lender who caters to commercial real estate owners and investor financing needs is pleased to launch their “Se Haba Espanol” campaign. According to H. Jack Miller the company founder Gelt has for

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$1,800,000.00 Non Recourse First Mortgage Philadelphia Retail Shopping Center 44,000 sq. ft

Gelt Financial, LLC was pleased to provide a $1,800,000.00 non recourse first mortgage financing to a local non profit owner of a retail shopping center in Philadelphia. The property is a neighborhood retail shopping center with local and national tenants

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How Bridge Mortgages Are Helping The Commercial Mortgage Industry

Private money lenders are the secret weapon among commercial real estate investors and the reason behind the thriving commercial mortgage industry.  Bridge loans and bridge mortgages play a critical role in securing properties, presenting multiple advantages for buyers and

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Closed Commercial First Mortgage Non Income Verification/Qualification

Chicago suburbs, the mixed-use property being purchased by an attorney at a discount price. We provided the first mortgage under our no income qualification program. Gelt Financial, is a private portfolio lender and we work with borrowers who have unique

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Closed Commercial Loan Philadelphia, Pa

We provided the financing for hard-working self-employed businesswomen to purchase a used car lot and repair center inUnder our No income documentation business owner programs. The loan amount was $225,000.00 Gelt offers to finance to real estate investors and commercial

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When This Borrower’s Bank says No, We said Yes. On a Commercial Mortgage Refinance

Gelt Financial, LLC just closed a commercial mortgage with a 30-year amortization. This borrower was unable to obtain traditional bank financing because of a personal IRS tax lien, With the Borrower’s existing loan already matured, we were able to refinance

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