Closed: First Mortgage on Convenience Store – Charleston, SC

Gelt Financial has closed a First Mortgage Refinance on a convenience store in Charleston, SC. The property has been owned by a successful operator and they needed to refinance out their current loan. Gelt closed the loan for $350,000 without

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Closed: Preferred Equity on Multifamily – Miami, FL

Miami Preferred Equity MultiFamily: Gelt Financial, a leading commercial real estate lender, announced the closing of a preferred equity investment on a 16-unit Multifamily property in Miami, FL. Gelt was able to provide a preferred equity investment to the property

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More examples of deals done

Here are some examples of some of the deals we have done. While they are all different the common thread is we provided capital to real estate investors and self-employed business people, we get them the money they needed when

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Closed $200,000 Purchase Money Mortgage Gas Station, Wintersville, Ohio

Gelt Financial Announces Funding of $200,000.00 office Building in Ohio Gelt Financial, a leading commercial real estate direct lender, today announced the closing of a $200,000 first purchase money mortgage on a Gas station C- Store in Wintersville, Ohio.  The

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