Gelt Financial recognizes the one size does not fit all and want to give our borrowers more choices and input in designing the right terms that fit their needs.

Gelt Borrower Benefits

So, we now offer Non-recourse first mortgages on stabilized income-producing real estate.

The Borrower

Rush deals: When you’re in a hurry we meet your time frame!

Prepayment and locks can not be waived or customized to meet the goals of the borrower. The term we will offer is up to 5 years.

Real Estate and Tax Escrow, we will give the borrower the choice if they want us to escrow for there real estate taxes and insurance or they want to pay them on their own. Your choice. Documentation, we will waive unnecessary documentation and offer several low and light documentation loans.

Fixed-Floating: The borrower can choose if they want a fixed or a floating rate.

Rate: We offer rates as low as 8.5% and have a special 9.95% program for non-bank borrowers. Due date 1st of 15th. We will let the borrower decide if they want the payment date on the 1st or the 15th of the month. You know your cash flow and you can make the choice. All of this is designed to let the borrower have more flexibility in designing the mortgage terms that best fits there needs.

When your bank says No, we say Yes,

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The underwriter has final desertion which will be offered to the borrower.