Author - Jack Miller

Self-Employed Professionals Struggle to Secure Investment Financing

Even though mortgage rates are reaching record lows, business owners and self-employed professionals are having difficulties participating in the financial opportunity. Leading news outlets are reporting that it is continuously difficult for self-employed individuals to receive traditional bank financing. Some of the self-employed individuals who fall under this category are earning high six-figure salaries as lawyers, accountants, and real estate agents.   One of the biggest obstacles for self-employed professionals are the bank’s stringent underwriting criteria when it comes to income [...]

QuickLiquidity Creates Fund to Solve Liquidity Issue for Real Estate Crowdfunding & Partnership Investors

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 14, 2015 - With widespread criticism citing the demand for greater liquidity for minority interest owners in real estate partnerships and real estate crowdfunding positions, QuickLiquidity is leading the charge by launching the world's first fund dedicated to purchasing minority interest positions in commercial real estate partnerships. This would provide the much-needed liquidity to minority interest owners who no longer want to be boxed in to an illiquid asset. Commissioner of the U.S. Securities and [...]

How do Investors receive Quick Liquidity for real estate partnerships minority equity interests?

How do Investors receive Quick Liquidity for real estate partnerships minority equity interests?   One common investment strategy in commercial real estate is to bring multiple real estate investors together to pool their capital in order to purchase a property that individually they could not afford. This provides investors with limited capital greater leverage by using their funds to invest in larger properties with higher returns. In example, ten real estate investors want to buy a commercial building for $1,000,000. If [...]

Commercial Financing & Real Estate Investment Programs

Commercial Financing & Real Estate Investment Programs February 19, 2015 Press Release Gelt Financial Corporation, in business since 1989, is pleased to announce several new Real Estate Investment & Commercial Financing Programs. We offer a stated income loans for both purchases and refinances.  We offer cash out refinances up to a 70% Loan to Value.  We offer 30 year terms with no balloons with a minimum credit score of 650 in 40 states.  Our loan amounts range from $250,000 up to 10 million dollars. We specialize in [...]