Author - Jack Miller

Refinance Gas station, Pleasantville, New Jersey

Gelt Financial just refinanced an operating Gas station and C store in Pleasantville, New Jersey. When the owner of this property found himself on the receiving end of a default notice from his bank, after going to numerous other banks and lenders Gelt refinanced the mortgage and took the risk away of his existing bank foreclosing on him. According to Jack Miller, this is not uncommon to have mortgages paying their banks perfectly and for technical or other reasons the [...]

Rehab Refinance investment property in Baltimore Maryland

Rehab Refinance investment property in Baltimore Maryland, several investors owned the property and ran short of capital to fix up the property and complete the job, Gelt financial we provided them with the funds to complete the rehabilitation project. Gelt has been active in the rehab and fix and flip market for more then 10 years providing financing to real estate investors on over 10,000 deals. When dealing with Gelt you deal directly with the decision makers as well the same [...]

Closed First mortgage fix and flip investor Coral Gables FL.

Gelt Financial, was pleased to provide 100% of the financing to a new investor who found a great deal on a single-family property in Coral Gables Florida, in need of a lot of work. We provided him with the purchase price, closing costs and money to fix up the property.  According to Jack Miller, this is a perfect example of a win-win deal, we loved the asset, location and basis and the investor got in with no money down [...]

Commercial Mortgage Closed in Pittsburgh, Pa $3,875,000.00 Bridge loan

We are happy to close a commercial mortgage loan for an experienced real estate investor in Pittsburgh, Pa on a blanket mortgage of 3 properties, 2 retail centers and 1 office building providing him the financing he needed when his bank said NO under our Bridge loan product for $3,875,000.00. We were also thrilled to work with the mortgage broker who brought the deal to us. When your bank says No, we say Yes, call us at 561-221-0900 or [...]

Closed First Mortgage Atlantic City, New Jersey, Mixed use, no income verification mortgage

Closed First Mortgage Atlantic City, New Jersey, Mixed use, no income verification mortgage. Self employed business owner. When your Bank says No, we say Yes. 561-221-0900    We are fast and flexible, deal directly with the decision makers, when your bank says No, We say Yes. 561-221-0900 or    Gelt offers financing to real estate investors and commercial property owners with programs that include no income verification mortgages, Bank turn downs and credit problems welcomed, bridge mortgages, foreclosure buy out mortgages, [...]

Tips for Mortgage Brokers on submitting a deal for approval

Gelt loves working with mortgage brokers, and closing commercial and real estate investment mortgages, we do some creative and challenging deals and we love and take pride in the deep relationships we have built over the years with mortgage brokers. Here are some tips for Mortgage Brokers submitting a successful commercial or investor mortgage to us for underwriting and approval:   Submit a complete application and package. Everyone is busy and you want to make the deal as easy to approve [...]

Dr. George Selgin, Director of monetary policy at CATO Institute with Jack Miller 10-3-18

Jack Miller, President of Gelt Financial, LLC talks to Professor George Selgin, Director of the Cato Institute's Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives. Author and world known economics expect joins us to discuss the great recession, the governments actions,and how those actions worked or did not work, to big to fail, the government take over of banks and FNMA and Freddie Mac. The moral hazards and lines crossed during the recession as well he tells us what he thinks [...]

Rocky Butani, President of, talks with Jack Miller 10-3-18

Jack Miller, President of Gelt Financial, LLC talks to industry expert Rocky Butani, Founder and President of Private Lender about finding and using hard money and private lenders in an efficient way using his web site. He works with borrowers and lenders nationwide on finding the best lender for them. We also talk about what is hard money and private lending, why is there a need for it, who uses it and makes money with it. Is it [...]

Closing First Mortgage Mixed Use Orange, New Jersey

We are excited to once again step in and help those who banks won’t. In this case it was owners of a mixed-use property in New Jersey which we provided a first  mortgage on. They occupied the first floor for their business and leased out 2 units on the second floor. We paid off very delinquent real estate tax liens, the borrower could not go to a bank because of their credit scores. We are fast and flexible, deal directly [...]