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Gelt Financial, LLC is pleased to be back in Scotsman Guide as a small commercial Mortgages lender

Gelt Financial, LLC is pleased to be back in Scotsman Guide. Gelt and its management have been lending to small commercial property owners and investors since 1989. Gelt offers commercial mortgage products that banks don’t, as an example. No Income Verification commercial Mortgages programs, Credit Problem Loans, Loans to LLC’s and Bridge loans.  Gelt is known for its flexible underwriting with quick approvals and closings. Borrowers love dealing with us because they can speak directly to the decision makers.  We [...]

Commercial Mortgage Owner Occupied Business, Bank turndown

Gelt Financial was able to arrange financing for the hard working owners of a business and commercial real estate a sports retailer using their commercial real estate as collateral in New England. The financing on this owner occupied property greatly reduced high cost debt, provided additional funds for inventory and generally improved their working capital position so they can grow their business. Due to some past credit challenges the owners where turned down by their bank, another case [...]

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Are Interest Rates & Loan Terms The Most Important Things To Look For When Choosing a Mortgage Company For a Commercial Real Estate Loan?

It would seem that the interest rate and loan terms are the most thing to look for when choosing what mortgage company to go with, but the question is more complex than that, especially with commercial real estate loans. When comparing one lenders terms with another, you’re not choosing those terms. You’re choosing the promise of the lender to do their best to deliver those terms to you.  Things like appraisal, title insurance and final underwriting all come after one [...]