Closed Bridge Mortgage on Multi Family

Closed $3,050,000.00 Bridge financing for a 28 unit apartment in Detroit. The sponsor will use the funds for additional investments as he continues to improve operations. The apartment building represents continued economic growth in the downtown area. When your bank says No, we say Yes, 561-221-0900 or  

An email we just received from a mortgage broker.. We love working with mortgage brokers and have some so for 30 years.

An email we just received from a mortgage broker.. We love working with mortgage brokers and have some so for 30 years. Dear Jack and Marcy, All too often it is easy to make phone calls to press for requests when everyone’s “hair is on fire” and then the loan closes and it’s off to the next file without Thanking the team who made it all possible. I want to sincerely Thank You all for the great work in making the transaction so smooth and [...]

Mortgage Brokers Submitting a Deal to a Wholesale Lender

Whether you’re a one or two person shop or a large, correspondent lender that lends across the state or across the country, you know there are times when you get a deal in house that makes sense but just doesn’t quite fit the profile your loan programs need. Perhaps it’s an old client that found a small office building that needs some work. The building does need some repairs before it can be leased out and it’s in an [...]

Bridge Lending: You Need This Tool in Your Toolbox

You’re in the business of providing permanent financing for all types of residential properties from single family homes to multi-family properties. You also have solid resources to fund certain types of commercial properties. But as it relates to commercial, you understand these properties are underwritten a bit differently than a downtown condominium. Commercial properties are those that generate income for their investors. But there are times when you run across a deal where the investor has gone to a [...]

Anatomy of a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Debtor in Possession (DIP) deal

When you need someone who can move fast, understands the deals, flexible and has the experience with Chapter 11 Bankruptcies. We are here for you.   Attorney for DIP calls me and runs by deal on the phone. I present the terms. He sends me what due diligence we need, we issue a term sheet and it’s signed. Attorney makes energy motion to court for DIP financing. Hearing is held and approved, later that day borrowers sign the documents/ The [...]

Who is your lender, is as important as what deal you get… Since 1989.

Who is your lender, is as important as what deal you get... Since 1989. In the past week some examples of how we work with our borrowers. 1. One of our borrowers needed an Extension on their loan. Done. 2. One needed us to increase their existing loan done. Done 3. One needed their due date changed. Done... Relationships matter, we are here for our borrowers. When your bank says No, We says yes. Gelt Financial, LLC

NEW PROGRAM Commercial and real estate investor mortgages

NEW PROGRAM Commercial and real estate investor mortgages from 100k and up. 30 year terms, no balloons. All credit considered, No income verification, foreign nations, Loans to LLC, credit problem ok. fast approvals and closings. Interest rates start at 8%.When your bank says No, We say Yes. Call today 561-221-0900 or visit us at     rate

Closed 9.8 Million mortgage on large substance abuse recovery centers

Gelt Financial recently arranged $9.8 million in commercial first mortgage financing for the real estate holding company of a large substance abuse recovery center.  The company acquired three properties in Palm Beach and  Broward Counties from which it had operated and turned to Gelt to find a bank that had knowledge about the industry.  With the new relationship, the company will be able to meet future growth goals by controlling its own real estate. Bob Krupka at Gelt Financial, [...]